Melbourne’s Top Healthy Cafes & Eateries

We are certainly blessed for choice when it comes to healthy and delicious food in Melbourne. It’s no wonder so many of us have become self-confessed foodies and smashed avo aficionados!

Here’s my pick of the best healthy cafes in Melbourne that a healthy fit foodie would eat at. Grab your friends, partner or a date and head out this weekend for brunch.


Vegie Bar (Fitzroy) – This place certainly lives up to its slogan ‘food for the body, mind and soul’. With its extensive vegetarian and vegan menu offering organic, biodynamic, local produce as well as raw and gluten free options, fresh juices, raw treats & organic wines. If you’re not used to vego food I promise you will love it and will still get your protein fix with meals filled with legumes, quinoa, and plenty of plant-based proteins and big generous serving sizes – perfect for your weekly vegie health fix. Serving everything from raw Pad Thai, black bean nachos, vegie stiry fry and quinoa burgers, there is something for everyone and they are known for being ahead of the pack when it comes to new interesting dishes. Most certainly a favourite of mine.

Serotonin Dealer (Burnley) – How could you say no to their Golden Latte (turmeric spiced almond milk latte) when it comes served with a happy face on the froth (pictured). Serotonin’s aim is to serve food that “regulates neurotransmitters and hormone activity within our bodies, keeping our mood and gut happy” and their menu is filled with highly nutritious ingredients with no preservatives or additives. The Positive Pancakes made with buckwheat and banana are my go to post-workout favourite!!

Yong Green Food (Fitzroy) – The most amazing raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, and biodynamic food and drinks, with an eco-friendly mindful food philosophy to boot. You’ve got to try the Rawsanga and Macro Dragon Bowl followed with a Yong Kombucha tea on the side. YGF places high importance on sustainability, using GreenPower as well as donating some profits to farmer-managed natural regeneration in Kenya. It would be nice to see more restaurants and cafes follow suit.

Patch Café (Richmond) – This paleo inspired clean eating café tucked away inside Studio Nine is one of my favourites, as is their “I’m a Fun-ghi” mushroom omelette. Think all your favourite brunch meals with a different edge, as well as a build-your-own brekkie to accommodate any healthy diet. They sell house-made treats and a ‘Patch Box’ if you’re after fresh, nutritious paleo inspired, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar free takeaway meals.

Shokuiku (Northcote) – I don’t think it get’s healthier than this. Serving nourishing organic raw and living (fermented) superfoods with a macrobiotic philosophy, as well as powerful East Asian herbal tonics, elixir smoothies and medicinal teas.  This beautiful mindful eating space is a traditional/natural medicine practitioner’s dream. But don’t let that scare you off, you’ll adore their daily mixed salad and raw berry cheesecake with chocolate fudge crust. And if you’ve been feeling a little under the weather try a medicinal tea or ‘Natural High Elixir’ smoothie to bring you back to life.

We Are Combi (Elwood) – You couldn’t call yourself a healthy foodie without a trip to Combi for their raw organic superfood smoothies made with fermented protein powder and superfoods like lucuma, mesquite and chia, or raw pizzas topped with raw kale pesto, shredded vegetables drizzled with raw cashew sauce. Everything is house-made, organic and filled with nourishing ingredients including their home made nut mylk with activated almonds. Be prepared to line up for a table as it’s only a little café, otherwise order a takeaway smoothie and head to Elwood beach for a walk.

Hooked (Windsor, Hawthorn, Fitzroy) – Friday night takeout the healthy way! Freshly grilled fish and seafood (and gluten-free), healthy salads, greens and brown rice, its perfect for a quick lunch or takeout. Not to mention some of their fish are certified 100% sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.  This nutritionist-to-be is hooked on Hooked (what a stupid pun, I should work on my jokes!)

The National Hotel (Richmond) – With plenty of healthy pub favourites such as coconut braised beef short ribs, salmon salad and burgers (and lots of gluten free options) this place is perfect if your just dipping your feet into the super healthy scene, whilst still wanting to catch up with your friends for a beer or wine for a good intimate conversation in their booths. I’ve included it on my list as I was super impressed by their ultra-sustainable renovations including recycled timber, solar systems, rainwater usage, and other incredible design elements reducing their energy needs and carbon omissions.  They even have their own kitchen garden and worm farm!

Foxes Den (Elwood, Malvern, Port Melb, Richmond) – Another perfect healthy “takeaway” this time with free-range gluten-free roasted chicken, seriously scrumptious superfood salads and roasted vegetables that are to die for. If chicken isn’t your thing they have amazing meatballs in tomato, curry’s and soups.  Pick up a hot chicken roll (with smashed avo and salad or smoky BBQ & jalapeno) to keep your man happy whilst getting your healthy foodie fix. It’s a win win really.

Street Organics (Malvern) – Pop into this family owned café and store to stock your pantry and fridge with organic local produce and healthy take home meals, whilst ordering an organic coffee, smoothie and raw treat. They even hold foodie events and raw vegan high tea in their upstairs private function room. If you have been searching for Kombucha starter culture (Scoby) or kits, you’ll find them here.


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